Friday, March 9, 2007

State 9 to Springfield cont

Charlton City, 20.9 m., contains two woolen mills. At 26.6 m. is the junction with State 15. Left on State 15 at 0.3 m. is the junction with State 131l left on 131 is Sturbridge, 0.5 m. (pop 1918, sett. 1729), visited by Englishmen as early as 1633... Dairying, sheep raising and orchard culture were the main occupations until the water power attracted industries including tanneries etc...
(L., Old Sturbridge Village)

Opposite (the Common) is the Old Cemetery, enclosed by a stone wall that was built by four companies of Revolutionary Soldiers from Sturbridge - each company building one side.

Straight ahead is Southbridge, 4.2 m., a manufacturing community lying in a valley. More than half the inhabitants are French-Canadians, who maintain their native customs and languages...

The American Optical Company on Mechanic St., 0.2 m. east, employing 3200 people, is the most important business in town.

The Wells Museum (open weekdays, adm 25 cents), 176 Main St., is a private collection of early American, English... articles. (The Old Librarian notes that this museum, founded by the owner of the American Optical Company, is the origin of today's famous Old Sturbridge Village.)

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