Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Caution from TheOldLibrarian

Just as a reminder, this blog largely consists of entries from the ca1930s Federal Writer's Project guidebooks to the states and their road tour coverage of US 20. Obviously much has changed since then. Companies have closed, museum admissions and hours changed etc.

Part of the interest I think of the Federal Writers Project books is how they capture this country just on the cusp of WWII, which was to bring so many changes. So if you venture forth on US 20, and I hope you will, please, bear in mind, this blog largely consists of 60+ year old information!

I will add links to contemporary web sites, make comments and so on occasionally, but make no pretense of fully linking that world with this. That's part of the fun I think, to get out on those old highways and see where things have changed. Happy motoring!

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