Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Boston thru Northborough cont.

Marlborough, 25.9 m. (pop. 15,781, sett. 1657), was the site of an Indian plantation called Okammakamefit. The English knew this town as Whipsufferage. Later it was part of Sudbury. (L., Page of Wampanoag language Bible.)
Although Marlborough was one of John Eliot's Praying Indian towns, it was attacked during King Phillip's War. The following account is given:
"On the Sabbath, when Mr. Brimmead was in sermon, March 20, 1676, the worshipping assembly was suddenly dispersed by an outcry of Indians at the door. The confusion of the first moment was instantly increased by a fire from the enemy; but the God whom they worshipped shielded their lives and limbs, excepting the arm of one Moses Newton..."
Today its (Marlborough's) manufactures include paper boxes, wire goods, shoe machinery... It has a large Italian population, who were encouraged to settle here as a strike-breakers after a serious labor dispute in 1899...

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