Thursday, March 8, 2007

Sec. b. State 9 to Springfield, US 20, 57.3 m.

Between the junction of State 9 and Springfield, US 20 traverses a pleasant countryside broken by low hills sloping gently into the Connecticut Valley

At 8 m. are the drying beds and fountain sprays of the Worcester Purification Works, where the Imhoff system is used, the sludge being seperated by the 'digestive' system.

Us 20 skirts the city of Worcester; at 13.6 m. is the junction with State 12

At 19.9 m. is a junction with an improved road. Left on this road is Charlton, 0.8 m., (pop 2366, sett. about 1735), named for Sir Francis Charlton, a Privy Councillor of England.Since 1789 the population has increased by only 286, and the Puritan tradition still dominates the community. Agriculture is still the chief means of livelihood...

On the Common is a memorial to William Morton (1819-68), given by the dentists of America to honor the man whose experiments with ether first made possible anesthesia during surgical operations...

On Main St., just south of the Center, the Old Burying Ground (1750), now called Bay Path Cemetery, contains three Photograph Stones - headstones provided with small glass covered niches in which were placed daguerreotypes of the deceased. Once the vogue, few of these curious stones remain.

Here also is the 'Grizzly' Adams Headstone, beneath which one of P.T. Barnum's bear tamers was buried after a disasterous encounter with Bruin....

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