Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Springfield to US 7

At 0.3 m. US 20 crosses the Connecticut River on the Hampden County Memorial Bridge.

West Springfield, 2 m., (pop. 17, 118, sett. about 1660), has a subsidiary of one of the oil corporations, a large paper manufacturing plant... Large market gardens flourish in Riverdale, and some dairying is carried on west of the town.

The Common was the campsite of three Revolutionary War armies under the respective commands of Generals Amherst, Burgoyne, and Riedsel, the latter in charge of German mercenaries...

The First Congregational Church (1800) on Orthodox Hill, now the Masonic Temple, is designed in the manner of Christopher Wren, with less modification than is usual in New England.

The Day House (open Tues, Thur., Sat., adm. 10 cents), north of the Commons, built in 1754, is a historical museum maintained by the Ramapogue Historical Society.

At the Center is the junction with State 5A.

At 3.9 m. is the junction with Churchill Rd. (L), the entrance to Mitineague Park (atletic fields, picknicking).

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