Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Springfield to US 7 cont.

At 9.4 m. is Westfield, (pop. 18, 788, sett. about 1660). The first road was cut through in 1668 and travel increaded so rapidly that four years later Captain Aaron Cook opened a tavern here.

The Westfield Athenaeum (open weekdays, 9-9; Sun. 2-6), corner of Elm and Court Sts., overlooking the Green, is an attractive brick building with limestone trim, housing the library. On the upper floor is the Edwin Smith Historical Museum, which consists of a large hall divided into two parts, the one containing a well furnished Colonial kitchen brought from Connecticut, and the other a living room of a typical New England home of the late 18th century; among the exhibits are women's costumes and a number of dolls...

The State Teachers College, on Court St., established in 1844, is the second oldest institution of its kind in the state. The imposing three story building of red brick stands on a three acre campus.

Left on Smith Ave., 0.1 m. in front of the Westfield High School is Grandmother's Garden, planted with nearly all known herbs and with old-fashioned flowers. (Pictured here)

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