Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Route 20, coast to coast

US Route 20 is one of the most intact of the remaining old interstate highways. A long time resident of upstate NY, I have often traveled the NY stretch of the highway. I am also a long time admirer of the guidebooks to the states that the Federal Writers Project did in the late 1930s, and have decided to try combining the two interests by posting on this blog, as I can, the text of the descriptions of Route 20 from those old books. (I am editing and abbreviating the text somewhat in the interests of space and time...)
Here then is US Route 20 in its heyday, just before WWII and the modern interstates so changed things. If you're interested in learning more about Route 20, try the Yahoo US Route 20 History group. The books I mentioned are widely available in libraries, and can be purchased from used book dealers such as www.abebooks.com.

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